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Q. What assurance do I have that your trees have passed all inspections and meet all agricultural regulations?

Our trees and plants are inspected annually by representatives of the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Our stock has always passed inspections for the Pine Shoot Moth, Cereal Leaf Beetle and the associated hosts for Phytophthora ramorum. We have compliance agreements available for any interested nursery.

Q. How many trees can typically fit on a full size semi?

This is a common question and not an easy one to answer. It really depends upon the tree size, tree type and whether we are shipping containerized plants or B&B (ball and burlap). We are happy to look at your order and offer you an estimate of truck space needed based on the variables of tree type, size and condition.

Q. Can you arrange shipping for my load of trees or do I arrange my own shipping?

At Alpine, we are happy to work with any situation, though by and large, we like for our customers to arrange their own shipping. It seems to be a win-win situation for all parties involved. We ship to California, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Washington and of course, all points in Oregon. We can suggest shippers that we have a favorable relationship with to our customers. What sort of lead time is involved from

Q. When I place my order to when I can expect it to be ready to ship?

Again, we will work with most situations. Our only limitations are Oregon’s own weather conditions and the tree/plant digging season. Most often, we can take an order from start to finish within a week or two, sometimes sooner if needed.

Q. What sort of payment plan can I arrange if I am a new customer?

For first time customers, we require payment in-full upon shipment. For repeat customers, we are happy to set up an account based on a good credit history. We ask for customers to fill out a credit application with approval to follow. All payments are due in 30 days.

Q. Do you have other trees/plants available for purchase that are not listed on your current availability?

As always, we try to keep our Availability lists updated and current. Some times, not everything makes it on our Availability if the inventory is small or spoken for by a pending order. If you have a tree or plant in mind but don’t see it listed, please give us a call….we may just have it!

Q. Where are you located?

We are easy to find, south of I-84 and north of Hwy 26, in the heart of “nursery country” in Boring, Oregon. Click on the directions icon for simple, easy information as to how to find our nursery.

Q. Are you open on Saturdays?

We typically have a crew available on Saturday mornings, if needed, for shipping, loading or nursery maintenance. Our office is not open on Saturdays.





8601 SE Revenue Rd. Boring OR 97009
Ph: ( 503) 663-5334
Fx: ( 503 ) 663-5015


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