We are a small but mighty staff, each of us wearing many hats throughout a typical day. It requires a great deal of flexibility, knowledge, a thinking-outside-the-box mentality and a steady sense of humor, all of which come naturally to our staff at Alpine Nursery.



Scott Paul, Owner and President

Scott actively oversees the staff, plants and land that makes up Alpine Nursery. As a second generation nurseryman, he’s followed in his father’s footsteps and works hand-in-hand with most of our customers, ensuring a satisfactory experience when buying from Alpine. Many of our orders are “customized” to meet the needs of our clients…Scott makes sure everyone gets the plants they want in the sizes they need at a price that is always fair and competitive. Scott is involved in all personnel decisions, equipment purchases, planting strategies and planning for the future of our nursery, its overall focus and direction. He’s been known to load a truck too, now and then. Scott’s background is in horticulture and business. He is also the President of Paul Brothers, Inc., our parent company, which is a full-time job, too!




Santiago Dominguez, Nursery Manager


Santiago is the good natured face behind the plants, the trees, the employees, having been with Alpine Nursery for nearly 10 years. He is involved in every aspect of the daily operation at Alpine, from the ground up. He manages a crew of employees year round and oversees a planting, digging, trimming and shipping season second-to-none. He has an “aim to please” attitude which spills over to all of our customers and keeps them coming back, time and time again. He is an exceptional plantsmen, supervisor, generous with his time and ideas.




Glenn Wisbeck, Vice-President

Glenn’s work is focused primarily with Paul Brothers, Inc., our parent company, as Vice President. While his daily role with Alpine Nursery is minimal, he has a keen interest in plants and trees and utilizes nursery stock whenever possible on various Paul Brother projects. Glenn’s background is finance and project management.




Dave Rykken, Accounting Manager

Dave has been a pivotal employee of Alpine Nursery for over 14 years. Dave manages our current accounts payables and keeping all financial records for the company. He works closely with the bonding agent, CPA, banker and maintains open dialogue with them regularly. Dave’s background is in Business, with a college degree in Business Administration. Dave also has extensive involvement with the financial workings of Paul Brothers, Inc.




Peggy Paul, Project Coordinator


Peggy, employed for four years, maintains working relations with our customers, taking orders, managing inventory, direct billing and fielding many availability questions. She also handles any shipping issues that arise and multiple other administrative responsibilities that come with running a nursery the size of Alpine. Peggy works as the Project Coordinator for Paul Brothers, organizing multiple aspects of the projects and office dealings and communications. Peggy brings with her a background in management and education.







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